Where to go from here?

May 2, 2008


Another night, another flat performance from the Yankees. I know that a lot of attention will be paid to Ian Kennedy’s struggles, and rightly so, but lets not forget that the offense has failed to be productive all year. Last nights game was very similar to the previous nights – a great first ining then almost nothing the rest of the way.


With Hughes headed to the DL it would also appear that the Yankees will likely try and acquire a starting pitcher from somewhere. With any luck, Darrell Rasners numbers will somewhat translate into Major League success and he can have an Aaron Small like affect on the ball club. One thing is for sure, something needs to change with the Yankees because watching a bunch of multi millionaires who seem completely unable to execute the fundamentals of the game is not an enjoyable experience. In short, while it is becoming commonplace to blame the youngsters, there are actually very few players on the roster who are performing to expectations, far less beyond them.


Also, at some point it would be nice to see Joe Girardi involve himself in the game. Where is the fire that he was supposedly going to bring to the team? Surely one of the reasons Torre was replaced was down to his ultra laid back nature. It’s a virtue when working with the press but in my opinion, a little on field drama was sometimes needed. Girardi seems to be saving all his anger up for the media when it could be better used on the diamond.


Another annoying thing about this whole situation is that we’ve come to rely so heavily on a select few players. Wang, Joba and Mariano have been next to perfect this season but at some point they are going to go through a bad patch(which they are entitled to) and where are we going to be then? Right now, the only good thing we can say about the rotation is that we’ve got a good shot at getting a win every five days – other players need to start stepping up, otherwise we’ll be seeing a lot more series’ like the one we’ve witnessed over the last three nights.