Obi Wang Kenobi – Our only hope!!!


For the love of god can we please attempt to sign our “non ace” to a longer term deal. With the boatloads of money we’re paying Carl Pavano, Jason Giambi and Kei Igawa why are we dragging our feet over some $$$ that would make for a lot wiser investment. There are obviously no sure things when dealing with contracts but even if Wang’s right arm fell off directly after sealing the deal he would have more than earned his money from his previous years performance where he earned next to nothing, comparatively speaking.


Speaking of Carl Pavano and other injured players, i was wondering that since we’re paying them,  are we allowed to assign them other duties when they are unable to play? Who wouldn’t love to see Carl Pavano cleaning the toilets at Yankee stadium? Or being a bat boy? Or being the practice dummy for Shelley when he’s practicing his take out slides? Actually, having now thought about it in more detail, i wouldn’t like to put actual valuable Yankee employees out of a job just to accommodate worthless players.

3 Responses to Obi Wang Kenobi – Our only hope!!!

  1. Nancy says:

    Love it, especially the adjusted photo.

  2. Jason says:

    Very funny and creative nickname for Wang.

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