Random late-night mutterings….

Right – it has to be said – I love Chien Ming Wang. There are so many ways to make saying that sound very very dodgy…….but (in public at least), I’ll refrain.

This time last year he was 0-2 with a 5+ ERA, and still put up a 19 win season with a sub-4 ERA.

Barring any more freaky goings on with his fake fingernail (yeuch…), well, I’m not even going to bother saying he could put up a huge season any more….. It’s obvious what he could do.

Also – I’m can only hope it will happen, but how hilarious would it be for the team to play Wild Thing over the PA as Phil comes out when he makes his next start….

Also – Great to hear/see Bobby Murcer back in the booth tonight. He was loving the bleacher creatures’ roll-call as well – Nice work!

In other matters, NASN are showing the Marlins – Padres game just now. The Marlins have a “bring your dog to the ballpark” night going on. What the hell is that about!? Oh, and I wonder if they count them in attendance to boost it a bit…..

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