The force is strong in this one…..

Obi Wang Kenobi – Sinkerballer and Jedi Knight extraordinaire!

Obi Wang

10 Responses to The force is strong in this one…..

  1. dnldslvstr says:

    with wang and his greater repertoire better than ever, pettitte likely to turn in his usual performance (so-so first half, everyone drops him from fantasy, excellent second half, 15 wins), and moose enjoying something of a renaissance (long may it last – although he will still have the occasional horrendous blow out), do you think that, as they are currently at .500 and have just beaten hernandez and bedard, we can argue that the yankees are actually in a fairly healthy position to at least mount a challenge to boston and (never thought i’d say this but excited to do so) tampa, especially when you consider the injuries suffered and the struggles of hughes and kennedy?

    sorry about the length but i got into it and wanted to see how long i could make the question while still remaining somewhat coherent. 116 words!

    also wanted to say “keep it up melky”, “welcome back johnny” “get rid of giambi (the albatross) and put in shelley” and “get the finger out cano!”.

    yup, think i got it all off my chest.

  2. Even with a good outing from Moose your pen still had to pitch 3 innings of work last night -hardly respite. The Yankee rotation is reminiscent of another team that AROD played on (the 00-03 Texas Rangers). The offense has to score 8 runs a night to off-set the 7 runs the beleaguered pen and under performing rotation will give up. The curse of AROD???????

    On another note, perhaps a picture of the rest of the Yankee rotation in Darth Vader masks is appropriate, given that they are killing the good work of Obi-Wang!

  3. dnldslvstr says:

    yup, it’s a-rods fault, definitely. the bullpen he has assembled is rubbish, the rotation he failed to trade for santana isn’t up the task, and then he maliciously injured jorge, hughes and bruney before, in a fit of shame and remorse, committed dl hari-kari.

    that said. you probably have a point about the curse of a-rod, what with the rangers being so darned successful without him. i bet they thank god that since ’03 they no longer need to score a ton of runs to offset those given up.

    ps. i don’t believe that you died in 1988. at least when i write crap (often, i’ll grant you), i put my name to it

  4. kathleenrowland says:

    What a handsome Jedi Knight!

  5. Not sure where to start ripping you apart dnldslvstr (what a great name you have by the way – must have been a distinct lack of vowels going about when you were welcomed into the world).

    My comment about AROD was meant to be light-hearted; something that was clearly lost on you. Given that you were unable to catch onto that I suppose I shouldn’t be terribly surprised that you believe Moose is “enjoying something of a renaissance”. His consistent ability to not pitch past, or into, the 6th inning is truly inspiring. Moose for Cy Young???? At least he’ll have your vote.

    Also I think that having one of your worst Aprils in the last decade doesn’t actually put you in a great position to make a run at anyone (including Tampa Bay). Perhaps finding some starting pitching that can get you past the 5 inning would help with that (but don’t fret, of course Moose’s position in the rotation is not up for contention – you need him to go 4 strong for you every 5th day in what is proving to be his second coming!).

    You are right about something, putting in Shelley will solve all of your teams woes. Here’s everyone else thinking that pitching is the problem but…you might be onto something there. You are a shrewd baseball fan and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Rather than using my own name (like you dnldslvstr), I thought I would make reference to someone who is undervalued in the field that I work in. If only one person looked him up on wiki and read about his contribution to understanding ‘the human attribution process’ then I feel like more would be achieved than if someone read my name and didn’t think of anything else. That may not be to your liking, but….well…..there you go.

    Arghhh…I should go back and highlight all of my sarcastic comments incase they flew past you like one of Moose’s fastballs. Although, maybe you can think of it as a learning exercise. Go on….read it again and see if you can pick them all out!

  6. dnldslvstr says:

    consider me ripped apart.

    i thought my reply was very tongue in cheek, but since you bring it up, your posts do not give off the impression of being “light-hearted”. rather more negative and bitter actually.

    after last year, moose is enjoying SOMETHING of a renaissance (and i also put “long may it last” to emphasize the point that his form is unexpected (but very welcome). besides, he gives us 5 good innings and i’m happy.
    re: moose, i never claimed any more. certainly not a cy young. stop making up stuff to support your position!

    i also never denied that we have not had a great start, just that there was cause for optimism (as any fan would on behalf of their team). and then you go on to repeat yourself about mussina,

    i never said shelley would solve all our problems, just that he was a better option than giambi. this is true

    i know who fritz heider is. i made a joke about not believing that you were him. sorry. and for those of us with the inabilty to run letters together (you). my name is donald selvester. i note that you still have not claimed authorship of your scattershot ramblings (or named the team you support – yankees?), but thanks for philanthropically bringing education to us peasants. (looking up wiki – why bother with books or university?)

    “well…,,(not sure what the commas are for) there you go” – strong argument! why did you not just write “just ’cause”?

    as to your last paragraph, i would just like to point out that i did not criticize YOU, merely your argument. as anyone who knows me will testify, i am exceedingly stupid (not just about baseball) and i apologise for forcing you to enter into a debate with someone so obviously beneath your intellectual capacity. i assure you, i will not reply to any of your further correspondence for fear of . . . . nah, just cause you are a muppet.

    ps. i assume from your general demeanor (and the fact you call the yanks “you”), you are not a fan of the bombers. fair enough. i only have one question.
    why are you here, reading a yankee blog?
    complex much?

  7. Great, I’m glad you found some vowels. I thought that having a 10 character name without any spaces or vowels might explain your bitterness; I guess it must be down to some other inadequacy. Since you were giving me a hard time about not stating my name I thought I would point out that your name was less than clear. I don’t think that was totally unfair.

    “Tongue in cheek”? More like one of Moose’s 84 mph fastballs to the cheek! I can’t see how you could think that what you wrote was not offensive.

    “Stop making up stuff to support your position!” – I don’t remember saying that AROD assembled the bullpen and assaulted several members of the Yankee squad. You are clearly a man of admirable principles – do onto others and then moan like a spoiled child when they do it back!

    Why do you think I put in the commas? I did it by accident “you muppet” (you are just too cool – first no vowels and now some great lingo). Fo’ Shizzle dnldslvstr (Yeah, I’m cool too!).

    Well spotted Mr Consonant (I’m sure you must get that all the time), I am not a Yankee fan but I do keep up with the general going-ons of the team. I am enjoying following the Yankee’s attempt to integrate younger and less expensive talent. Like Yankee fans I have my opinions about the team and so where else should I voice them than on a Yankee forum?

    Of course I wanted people to look Fritz up on wiki instead of buying books or enrolling into a university course (lol). I think that’s a more realistic expectation don’t you?

    PS. Don’t bring your brethren into this (“us peasants”). I didn’t criticise the intelligence of anyone else on the blog, just you.

  8. I shouldn’t have posted the last few messages.

    I’m sorry that my original post upset you Donald. I wasn’t trying to be overly critical or pretentious but you wouldn’t be the first person to pull me up for being either. I will watch out for that.

    You may be a really intelligent guy – sorry for having a go. I hope you can see that I reacted to your little diatribe (although I still should’ve been less defensive).

    Be sure to tell me that I’m wrong when you think I am in future posts but try to be a bit less personal about it next time (I will respond in kind).

    Enjoy the rest of the blog (the guys have done a great job– “Yanks for the memories” still has me in stitches).

    Cheers Donald

  9. dnldslvstr says:

    nah, it’s cool not upset at all. enjoy a spirited debate. agree that it got a little out of hand.

    i was just trying to be positive about the team’s prospects (in better position than last year – not difficult!) and tend to get a little defensive with people always running down the yankees instead of concentrating on supporting their own team (not saying you, just a general observation). maybe it’s an arrogant, self-absorbed yankee thing, but i have never really visited other teams sites.

    anyway, good luck for the rest of the season (whoever you support) and maybe 2008 will see both our teams in the post season.

    cheers fritz

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