Melky Cabrera

May 5, 2008


With Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy getting all the column inches in reaction to their poor performances since the Johan Santana non trade, it is worth noting that Melky Cabrera’s performances this season have been absolutely excellent. Nobody seems to remember that Cabrera was a pivotal part in the proposed trade and without him the Yankees would be in a worse position both offensively and defensively this year.


Furthermore, it is saddening that Yankee fans(in my experience) only dwell on the failures of the teams prospects. Over the last three years the Yankees have successfully nurtured an astoundingly underrated  starting pitcher who has amassed thirty eight wins over the last two seasons, a second baseman with a .303 career average to start his MLB career, Joba(enough said) and the already mentioned Melky Cabrera.


These three players came out of, what was considered, a very weak farm system. Over the last year or two, Brian Cashman has re-tooled the minors in a variety of ways and even with the recent struggles of Hughes and Kennedy, the Yankees are beginning to reap the reward of his efforts. Over the next few years i fully expect to see a plethora of prospects leading the Yankees to great things, much like Rivera, Williams, Posada and Jeter did.