Joba’s celebrations


I’m going to have to disagree with my co-blogger about Joba’s recent celebrations against David Dellucci and the Cleveland Indians. I am not against Joba celebrating on the mound in the way he does, i do however, disagree with his timing of it.


If Joba k’s a player when the bases are loaded in a big game, then i can fully understand the emotion of the situation overwhelming a player. When you are 3 runs ahead, with no runners on base i find it hard to understand why he could not contain his excitement. The only plausible explanation i can think of is that Joba enjoyed getting his revenge on Dellucci after he was burned by him a few days earlier.


Let me put it another way – if Dellucci hit a HR in that situation and celebrated wildly, every Yankee fan would complain about it and argue that the HR, in relation to the game, was relatively meaningless. Somehow in that situation though, the pitcher is apparently entitled to do what he wants. How many times has Joba k’d a player in a similar situation(again, 3 runs up, nobody on) and been calm about the whole thing? I think that the fact it came against a guy who previously beat him fair and square(and with all due respect) affected Joba to the point where he celebrated too much. I’m all for emotion to be shown on the field but i think that this time, Joba took it a little too far in a situation where it was not at all important.



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