About us…

neildo.jpgneildo84 – he’s the one with the wrong foot on 1st base.

ph34ph34 – here’s the wise-ass who commented on neildo84’s poor first base form.

We’re a couple of guys called Neil who spend the bulk of our summers following the Yankees all the way from Scotland. It makes for plenty of late nights, and tired days at work! We figured that instead of going on and ranting to each other all the time, we’d try and spill our guts to a much bigger audience.

Anything else you need to know, or if you’ve got any queries, get in touch with us at highlanderorigins@gmail.com.

4 Responses to About us…

  1. Craig McClymont says:

    Good page guys, nice to see someone willing to stick their opinions out there for all to see….well all 40 at least!

    Looking forward to your coverage of the season, though I think it may be a depressing one for you.,

  2. Marty Appel says:

    As a guy who respects the sanctity of ‘commercial-free’ BLOGS, I wanted to email you with this rather than just try to post it. Yes, it’s about a Yankee ‘product,’ but I hope you might consider it worthy of informing your readers about it. Mostly because it’s very cool and has great information, even about the Highlanders!

    As you probably know I was the Yankees publicist for many years and remain close to the team now…..and have also gotten “seasoned” enough to be considered a bit of a historian when it comes to the Yanks.

    So I wanted to make your readers aware of an Upper Deck card product called Yankee Stadium Legacy – a 6,661 card set, with one card representing every Yankee home game ever played in Yankee Stadium (plus a few extras for Papal visits, boxing, etc.).

    It is the largest card set ever produced (Guinness Book worthy), and an amazing research project.

    The cards are inserted into various Upper Deck baseball products, and will continue into next year so that the 2008 MLB season is included.

    More information is at http://www.OwnTheLegacy.com. Is it impossible to collect the full set? It’s certainly a challenge. Also, fans can register the codes on the back of the cards at the website to be included in a Yankee Dream sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to the All-Star Game, the last regular-season game and the first 2009 home game.

    I hope you consider this worthy of BLOG inclusion, and if you could let me know if it runs, I’d really appreciate it.

    Marty Appel

  3. John Crozier says:

    I am so proud as a Yankee fan to see this franchise become the worldwide trademark that it is now. I find it pretty remarkable that you guys follow the Yanks with such passion and follow a team and sport so far away. I almost seem spoiled, when I see people come from all over the globe, to catch a glimpse of the Bronx Bombers in action. I have been to Glasgow a few times ( my Grandmother grew up there, Clydesbank I believe) and it is a great place. My hope is that baseball will spread and grow in popularity through the UK and throughout Europe and the world. Please spread the word about baseball and help it grow. May our pastime be yours!

    Yours in Pinstripes,
    John Crozier

  4. Tenants Super says:

    I am a New Yorker with family and friends in Scotland. I was thrilled to find this blog, had no idea there were any Yankee fans in Scotland besides those I knew! Keep up the great work guys, and save me some Tenants Super 8 for my next visit

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