vs Orioles

May 21, 2008


Sorry about the lack of posting recently, we’ll be back on our game in no time though.


Here’s a recap of last nights game –


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Sorry about that, i was just trying to write in a fashion equal to the way the Yankees played last night. The disorganisation, the errors, the failure to execute the easiest of plays. Unfortunately, my attempt failed.

Joba’s celebrations

May 13, 2008


I’m going to have to disagree with my co-blogger about Joba’s recent celebrations against David Dellucci and the Cleveland Indians. I am not against Joba celebrating on the mound in the way he does, i do however, disagree with his timing of it.


If Joba k’s a player when the bases are loaded in a big game, then i can fully understand the emotion of the situation overwhelming a player. When you are 3 runs ahead, with no runners on base i find it hard to understand why he could not contain his excitement. The only plausible explanation i can think of is that Joba enjoyed getting his revenge on Dellucci after he was burned by him a few days earlier.


Let me put it another way – if Dellucci hit a HR in that situation and celebrated wildly, every Yankee fan would complain about it and argue that the HR, in relation to the game, was relatively meaningless. Somehow in that situation though, the pitcher is apparently entitled to do what he wants. How many times has Joba k’d a player in a similar situation(again, 3 runs up, nobody on) and been calm about the whole thing? I think that the fact it came against a guy who previously beat him fair and square(and with all due respect) affected Joba to the point where he celebrated too much. I’m all for emotion to be shown on the field but i think that this time, Joba took it a little too far in a situation where it was not at all important.



Joba again…

May 9, 2008


So David Dellucci has taken the huff at Joba’s gesticulating on the mound after getting him out last night.

What’s the big freakin’ deal!?

If you don’t want to see him do that on the mound, then there’s one perfect resolution for people like Dellucci who are clearly such sensitive souls, and that’s to do what Dellucci did to Joba the other night.

Also, I’m assuming that the good samaritan that Dellucci is, he severely reprimanded CC Sabathia for his mound-dancing after striking out A-Rod and Shelley in Cleveland recently……

Doubt it? Me too…

Game 33 Indians @ Yankees(Lee vs Wang)

May 7, 2008



Damon LF               
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Duncan 1B
Matsui DH
Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Ensberg 3B
Molina C
Wang RHP


neildo84’s HR hitter prediction – Shelley Duncan

ph34 HR hitter prediction – Hideki Matsui

Winner –


Wang vs Lee

May 7, 2008


I actually have very little to say about this matchup but i thought that since it’s between players who are 11-0 combined it was worth a quick post. The bottom line is that Chien Ming Wang is pretty good and Cliff Lee is pretty good. Is it an early Cy Young contest, probably not. Wang has been excellent over the last 3 years and should end up with a crap load of wins. Lee, 5-0 0.96 this season, has a career 59-46 record with a 4.46 ERA and is coming off a year where he went 5-8, 6.29. Very respectable career numbers, but hardly dominating.


One thing i’m sure that the coaches have talked to the players about is the fact that Lee has only issued 2 bb’s in 37.2 innings this year. I’m not saying we should go out there hacking at every first pitch but we will need to be ready to swing the bats tonight, which could be bad news for Jason Giambi. In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if Duncan comes in to face Lee as it would be pretty tough on Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui if they were to ride the pine tonight.


It will also be interesting to see how Wang handles the Cleveland hitters, the only other team Wang has faced twice this year is Boston, and they SHELLED him in the return matchup after he handcuffed them first time around. I have faith in old Obi Wang Kenobi though.



Melky Cabrera

May 5, 2008


With Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy getting all the column inches in reaction to their poor performances since the Johan Santana non trade, it is worth noting that Melky Cabrera’s performances this season have been absolutely excellent. Nobody seems to remember that Cabrera was a pivotal part in the proposed trade and without him the Yankees would be in a worse position both offensively and defensively this year.


Furthermore, it is saddening that Yankee fans(in my experience) only dwell on the failures of the teams prospects. Over the last three years the Yankees have successfully nurtured an astoundingly underrated  starting pitcher who has amassed thirty eight wins over the last two seasons, a second baseman with a .303 career average to start his MLB career, Joba(enough said) and the already mentioned Melky Cabrera.


These three players came out of, what was considered, a very weak farm system. Over the last year or two, Brian Cashman has re-tooled the minors in a variety of ways and even with the recent struggles of Hughes and Kennedy, the Yankees are beginning to reap the reward of his efforts. Over the next few years i fully expect to see a plethora of prospects leading the Yankees to great things, much like Rivera, Williams, Posada and Jeter did.

Moose answers the call

May 4, 2008


Mike Mussina picked up his third win in a row last night and has all but answered the questions surrounding his ability to be a MLB at the ripe old age of 40. If there is one stat to attribute his effectiveness to it has to be the the fact he has only walked five batters in 38.1 innings. While his velocity means that he will give up his fair share of hits, his lack of free passes should at least be enough to keep the Yankees in the game through 6 innings – a total that Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland seem to think is about his limit.


Chien Ming Wang’s 6 wins this year have come against Roy Halladay**(2-4, 3.26), James Shields(3-2, 3.80), Clay Buchholz(2-2, 3.71), Jose Contreras(2-2, 3.98), Eric Bedard(2-1, 1.82) and current Cy Young winner C.C Sabathia(1-5, 7.51).

Sabathia is the only pitcher on that list whose numbers are less than impressive although his last three starts, including game against Wang, have been much improved. Obviously starting pitchers do not go face to face with each other but the stats above goes to show that the Yankees have been facing tough pitchers when Wang is on the mound and he is responding by winning close ballgames.


**Although this is a Yankee blog, a mention should be made of Roy Halladays FOUR consecutive complete games. A true ace and a workhorse, unfortunately for him, he has lost his last three games.

The force is strong in this one…..

May 3, 2008

Obi Wang Kenobi – Sinkerballer and Jedi Knight extraordinaire!

Obi Wang

Obi Wang Kenobi – Our only hope!!!

May 3, 2008


For the love of god can we please attempt to sign our “non ace” to a longer term deal. With the boatloads of money we’re paying Carl Pavano, Jason Giambi and Kei Igawa why are we dragging our feet over some $$$ that would make for a lot wiser investment. There are obviously no sure things when dealing with contracts but even if Wang’s right arm fell off directly after sealing the deal he would have more than earned his money from his previous years performance where he earned next to nothing, comparatively speaking.


Speaking of Carl Pavano and other injured players, i was wondering that since we’re paying them,  are we allowed to assign them other duties when they are unable to play? Who wouldn’t love to see Carl Pavano cleaning the toilets at Yankee stadium? Or being a bat boy? Or being the practice dummy for Shelley when he’s practicing his take out slides? Actually, having now thought about it in more detail, i wouldn’t like to put actual valuable Yankee employees out of a job just to accommodate worthless players.

Random late-night mutterings….

May 3, 2008

Right – it has to be said – I love Chien Ming Wang. There are so many ways to make saying that sound very very dodgy…….but (in public at least), I’ll refrain.

This time last year he was 0-2 with a 5+ ERA, and still put up a 19 win season with a sub-4 ERA.

Barring any more freaky goings on with his fake fingernail (yeuch…), well, I’m not even going to bother saying he could put up a huge season any more….. It’s obvious what he could do.

Also – I’m can only hope it will happen, but how hilarious would it be for the team to play Wild Thing over the PA as Phil comes out when he makes his next start….

Also – Great to hear/see Bobby Murcer back in the booth tonight. He was loving the bleacher creatures’ roll-call as well – Nice work!

In other matters, NASN are showing the Marlins – Padres game just now. The Marlins have a “bring your dog to the ballpark” night going on. What the hell is that about!? Oh, and I wonder if they count them in attendance to boost it a bit…..